Works in Progress
“Religion, Politics, and Mobilization: Evidence from the Age of Empires”
“The Struggle for Female Suffrage in Sweden” (with Mattias Folkestad)
Popular Articles
“Bör mainstreamekonomin reformeras?” [“Should mainstream economics be reformed?”] (in Swedish), Ekonomisk Debatt 45 (3): 70–74, 2017. Publication, Paper.
“De utmanade den manliga statsmaktens legitimitet” [“They challenged the legitimacy of the male state authority”] (in Swedish), Liberal Debatt 2023 (6), 2023. Publication.
Working Papers Not Intended for Peer-Reviewed Publication
“Weather and Conflicts in Afghanistan”, Expert Group for Aid Studies, Sweden, EBA Working Paper, 2018. Publication, Paper.
Citizen Science Projects
“I demokratins namnn – kvinnorna som krävde rösträtt” [“In the name of democracy – the women who demanded the right to vote”] (in Swedish) (with Mattias Folkestad and the National Archives of Sweden). Project.